Office 365

Excel 365, version 1901 (janvier 2019)

​​​​​​​Worksheet with comment box, comment, and at mention

Collaborate effectively with comments and @mentions

Keep the conversation going right in your worksheet with the built-in reply box and let co-workers know that you need their input by using @mentions.


Search box in Backstage with keyword and related results

Find that file fast

Looking for a file you worked on recently? Just type a few keywords in the Search box in Backstage (File > Home page) to find the file you're looking for. (Also in Word and PowerPoint.)

Excel 365, version 1902 ( février 2019)

Save your changes as they happen

Upload your files to OneDrive to make sure all your updates are saved automatically.

Status bar showing that the Accessibility Checker is running

Increase the reach of your content

Need to make your spreadsheets accessible? Let the accessibility checker keep an eye on them for you without getting in the way. Click Review > Check Accessibility. We’ll tell you in the status bar when we find something you need to look at. (Also in Word and PowerPoint.)

Access 365, version 1811 (novembre 2018)

Black theme

Paint it black, paint it gray

Change the look of Access as often as you like. Four themes to choose from: Colorful, Dark, Gray, or White.

New in: Access

Access 365, version 1901 (janvier 2019)

Zoom for more room

Make the font bigger or smaller. Press Shift + F2 to zoom.

Zoom dialog box with text that says Shift + F2 to Zoom

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